Let’s be real for a second, I’m not actually going to provide you with a guide for anything explicitly…Green Faerie is more of an approach to life than a concrete set of rules or guidelines. It’s about digging deep and confronting the parts of yourself you don’t like to hear about. It’s integrating with one’s Shadow and standing in power. Together we can rewire our minds to become healthier versions of themselves, through a little mindfulness. I want my life to serve as an example; so the majority of content on this site comes from my own personal experience, raw and exposed. My hope is that some granules of wisdom will seep out from my follies, thus preventing others from having to learn the “hard way.”

Now, I’m no therapist. I don’t have any degrees other than in literature and creative writing. So, I’m definitely not a professional in the field of psychology. However, it doesn’t require a psychologist to embrace mindfulness. It just takes courage. Because if you are being mindful, then inevitably you will arrive at the source of your triggers and insecurities. Once you’ve arrived, you have two choices: A) shut down or B) embrace your “ugly” side and truly learn what it means to fully love yourself.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com